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How Are You Wired?

We facilitate “lightbulb moments” of discovery, equipping you with helpful tools you need to navigate important relationships, career decisions and more.

How Do You Relate To Others?

Discover more about yourself, how you communicate, and the way you relate to others through our services for young professionals.

What Are Your Next Steps

Students are faced with numerous decisions every day. We help hone in on skills, aptitudes and personality traits to help students with these tough choices.

What We Do

The Know You Project is a consulting service that serves individuals and groups by helping facilitate personal growth and discovery. This customized process allows you to learn more about who you are, how you relate to others, and where you are most effective.


Not sure about what your path looks like once you graduate? We help students address the question “What’s next?” by uncovering their strengths, passions and personality.


Through our personalized process, adults and working professionals can gain tools to improve relationships with others or help make important career or family decisions.

Small Groups

Every group, whether it be a work team, sports team or family unit, has its own unique dynamic. KYP helps facilitate communication, improve efficiency and bring teams closer together.


Our interactive, discussion-based workshops are tailored for larger audiences to help groups gain an understanding about various personality types and working styles.

Drop Us a Line

Are you interested in learning more about yourself and your future? Want to improve your workforce communication or team dynamic?
Drop us a line to learn more about how Know You Project can help!